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Loving this Lattice Tape Trim

Yesterday we installed the dining room window treatments in this fabulous home.
I really love the lattice tape trim used here!!   It is timeless and classic while simontaneously being chic and new.  
Love the bold avacado color!!
The once tired brown dining chairs were brought to life by the talented Scott Gavin and recovered in fun fabric.
They are now very much alive, and really represent the clients New Orleans roots.
Can't wait to share the adjacent family room when all the new furniture arrives.
I am committed , again!!! To blogging. I have missed it.
My intention is to share with you, snippets of life in our little "design world" at Interiors Etc.
We really enjoy what we do!!!
The places we go, talented people we meet, gracious home owners, unique homes, travels,
and of coarse - the "finds" of our travels.
It is all a blessing and a pleasure and would some how be remiss, if all kept to ourselves.
So forgive the unprofessional photography, miss spelled words, poor grammar, and the just plain "reality of it all".
(like my trunk being open to load - outside the window in the second picture, or the wrinkles in the close up shot of the drapes).

Those imperfections are things that drove me crazy and caused me not to blog.
Going forward I am determined to blog anyway!!  While these post will not be perfect - neither is life.
Make peace with your imperfections today!!
Have a great day!!

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  • Love love love!! Can’t wait to get started on some things around here!!! Your work is always beautiful and inspiring!!

    • Rita Doherty