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Playroom for a Princess

I had the honor of giving this playroom a facelift, upon the request of the precious little girl who lives here.  She asked for a "makeover" for her space by Terie Shields Interiors as her birthday present.  I'm sure you can imagine, this girl is adorable!!

So here are a few pictures from BEFORE:


Now for the AFTER:

A day bed filled with funky pillows gives a new place to sit and play as well as extra place for friends to spend the night.  The ottoman has storage inside, a great place for art supplies or Barbies!

Two pink file cabinets make a great desk (even cooler that they lock). Two clip boards mounted to the wall on the left of the desk work well to play school or store. Accoustical ceiling tiles covered in cute fabric, make for great bulletin boards.

A dry-erase board with a fancy frame along side a decal of the eiffel tower, add some drama to the quaint little corner!

We skirted the sink and added trim, now its fit for a princess!  All of the wall art above the sink are repurposed yard ornaments from the dollar store.

No space complete without a piece of Florentine. This tiny red table is adorned with a large orange clothes-pin to house her favorite photo of the week!



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