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Watersound Wonderful 2

 Back at Watersound, here is the downstairs master which is relaxing and serene.

Gazing ball turns door stop and the large braid natural fiber rug is unexpectedly soft to the touch.

Art again by Scott Gavin.  I think his work is amazing.

Now we will head upstairs.....

Great little sitting area at the top of the stairs.  Suitable for a kids hang out - this fantastic looking "pleather" seating.

The first guest bedroom is so fun with this Lee upholstered bed, funky lamps and cozy reading nook.

Hope you are having a great week!!

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  • Stay inoframitve, San Diego, yeah boy!

    • Axcel
  • Finally figured out how to get to the pictures. Love the site and the updates.
    That place looks familar!
    When do we get to go back?
    Love Dad

    • Curtis Marcello
  • Love this Terie!!

    • Jessica Culpepper