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At Home With An Artist

 My aunt Aimee, who has been more like a sister to me is amazingly talented.  I think the world of her.  She has her own line of beautiful linens:


 She is a successful business women, one of the funnest people I know, has a heart of gold and just plain - creative in every way.  Her home is fabulous!!  I can not wait for you to see it.  It is packed full of interesting collections, marvelous art and it just looks like her.  

It is also a very special house to me because my talented father was the architect.  I love the exterior of her home.

The unexpected way she puts things together and the way she lives with what she loves, art being an obvious -   is inspiring to me.

I sold her that vintage floral oil painting. What was I thinking?? I want that back.

Couldn't include my close ups of everything, it would take you an hour to look at the post.  On this table in the dining room lies 5 curiously wonderful wooden walnuts.

Alex Loeb's work here.

These fantastic paintings are from John Whitney.


John's Work will be coming soon to the on-line shop.  Yippy!!


This is a painting she did, she would tell you it's not finished.  I am telling you it's great!

On this console table she has several photos of her son as well as his childhood art work beautifully framed and sitting beneath another Alex Loeb.  Giving the accomplished artist and her child's work the same value of importance and presence.  

This chest which is flanked by 2 antique prayer chairs and sits beneath a Bryce Speed painting holds stage for an odd yet striking array of objects.  There is a green tin grasshopper, an asian basket, an Italian pottery piece found in Taormina, Sicily on a family trip. A statue of an androgenous figure who is cloaked with an Catholic antique vestment, a necklace that reads: Gypsy Soul.

 At its feet there are 2 thimble  that belonged to her grandmother.

Speaking of Grandmothers,  this is mine (Aimee's mom).  Looking lovely as ever in this photograph.  She was an Interior Designer as well.

Did you think she would leave art out of the laundry room?  Heavens No!  It's adorable isn't it?

More art done by her son as a child, who is now in college.  What a super treasure to have.

Another piece she did herself.

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What do you love?

Find it, hang it up, put it out,  ......live with what you love!

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