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"Duh" - licious

 Here is a store in Pensecola, Florida that I love to visit.  The name is Duh and there is really no other way to describe it than...

 Duh - licious!!  It consists of several buildings and many intimate spaces jam packed with eye candy. 

Look closely at what they have done throughout this narrow entry hall.  They hung mirrors and put curtains around them, giving the space an illusion of many windows.  How great is that?

They have an excellent mix of contemporary and antique (or made to look old) merchandise.

These little guys are scattered about everywhere.  Even though they are dried, they look fab, which makes them a welcome addition for people like me with a brown thumb!

There is over scaled crazy fun art work everywhere you look.

Rugs turned art is super.

And as you know, I am a huge fan of Lee furniture, which is prominently displayed through out the store.

Clean and clever way to display design books.

I have separated the outdoor photos from the interior photos, just because my post get so lengthly, however when you walk through the store's various buildings, you feel very little disconnect between the outdoors and in.   Please stayed tuned for the fabulous "outside" in tomorrows post.   Then back next week to visit to two great homes, right here in Meridian. 

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  • I’m imrpsesed you should think of something like that

    • Ezekiel
  • Isn’t Duh fabulous?!

    • Donna Dyckman