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A Happy Home Update

 Last month,  I showed you the upstairs of  "A Happy Home".  So today, I wanted to share the living room with you, because just last week we removed the old sofas...

and brought in the new!

Ca you tell we were struggling with, "not to pillow?"

Or "to pillow?"

Finally, we decided they needed a little pop of color.

This painted piece has to be one of the prettiest pieces of furniture I have ever seen...

Tiny antique hand beaded footstool sits under one of the chairs.

On the wall to left there are two hand sewn christening gowns,  which were worn by her grandchildren.   The amount of love and work that went into these is absolutely breath taking.

Above the back door is this lovely painting.

In this home,  there are so many special things.  Collected for years, all perfectly displayed!

Here is a fabulous mirror topped, coffee table where this asian bowl holds knitting needles and yarn.  A favorite pass time of the home owner.

What a great idea to create interest!  A mirrored back to all of these book shelves.

A few years ago she added the mirror to the mantel as well, which looks divine.

Collections of whippets can be found through out the house.

Every surface is covered top and

bottom - pretty things everywhere.

There is so much more to see of this house, can't wait to show it to you! 

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