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Heart of the Happy Home


 I wanted to show you some more from the "Happy Home".  

The fun starts when you enter the back door, from the tiny oil of a Wolf Bird above the door..

to this sweet little arrangement of items.

I love the way she mixes fine antiques with playful things.  Not a hint of "stuffy" in here.

I told you the green painted piece in the living room was one of the prettiest pieces of furniture I have ever seen, well this one in the kitchen runs as a very close second.  

The wall color is so brave, bold and wonderful!!

The wallpaper in the laundry room is extra awesome.  So full of whimsy, and I love the polka dot ceiling :)

This prized art piece was done by a grandchild.

Just a great little snippet of info about this laundry room and the "happy outlook on life" of these home owners:

There was a big Birthday Bash about to happen here and when I found out this wallpaper was not going to be here in time for the party I was so bummed and scared to report it to them.  However, when I did her response was perfectly delightful.  "No big deal - Let's get some markers and let people write on the wall for the party!!"  

The small 1/2 bath off the kitchen is loaded with lovely. 

The walls are a light silver, cabinets are a darker silver and even the counter top got painted.

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