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Stretching a Dime to Fine

 Several months ago, I met with the nicest couple - ever!  They wanted their entire new 4 bedroom / 3 bath house done in a time frame and on a budget.  Together we devised a budget for all of the items that needed to be purchased, set a due date and they gave me a credit card and sent me on my way.  (My favorite way to work I must add!)  This house is a temporary residence until they build their dream home, so the cost needed to be kept very economical.  That meant a bit more work on my part by bargain shopping, revamping and repurposing items already owned and accomplishing a multitude of DIY's.  However, love a good challenge and  these guys were wonderful to work for!  They really allowed me all the creative freedom in the world and I'm so delighted I was asked to do this job.  

 With the help of some of my most talented friends we spent last week installing there installing.  I thought I could post through the installation process however it was simply too much going on, too fast.  So here it is, a week late.

Starting in a guest room I mentioned in an earlier post Black Wall Wonders.  

  The clients owned a pair of these side tables which Scott "the magic" Gavin painted a yummy yellow (always Benjamin Moore) called Broadway Lights.  

I purchased this screen from the New Orleans Auction...

I found this pillow at an antique shop and my pal Jean Tucker had an awesome idea to turn it into a footstool.  Thought you might enjoy this video we made to send to the upholster, as we had to make every second count.  Kathy ran my iPad (with the video) and materials to him so we could continue to work.  Check out my outfit, such a classy looking designer, don't you think!?

I knew we needed a very shallow bookshelf which would double as a stand for the tv and cover all the wiring coming up from the wall to that flat screen.  So I came up with this design and Patrick built it.  We liked the finished product so much, we are making more.  They are for sale in the store.  CLICK HERE to view it in the store. 

I also found this outstanding art a while back (I can't remember where) and saved it on my lap top for inspiration.  I wish I knew who the artist of the original was so I could give them a shout out!  Anyways, I printed it and asked my talented aunt Aimee to try to copy it.  And she did, so beautifully!!!

Now for a peak at her cozy little office just off of the kitchen:

The art work here was a family portrait she drew as a young child.  I love the sentimental value of this.


In the back hall leading to the garage we hung a large mirror, suitable to "check yourself out" as you come and go.  Weighing about 200 pounds, this thing was a real beast to hang.

The two posters you see in the mirror near the garage door, were framed and hung because their nephew who is a graphic designer did them!

My only regret is that I failed to properly press the record button, when the lady of the house saw the completed home.  Her tearful, heartfelt reaction (packed with praise and gratitude) made every second invested in this job worth it!!   

There is so much more!!!  Thanks for viewing the blog  -  please sign up to the email list if you haven't already!!


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