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Stretching a Dime to Fine Part 4

I am so excited to share the main living areas of this house with you!

Remember when I showed you these pictures?

Well, we were hard at work...

Patrick and I again (I am always in designer attire haha!)  

But look what our hard work produced:

This French Buffet can be found in the store.  Click Here! 

We made this art work by grouping together three items I ordered that ended up being too small hung on their own.  So we put them all together in this frame we made and painted on location.  This could also be accomplished by painting a square on the wall!

These sassy chandeliers by Cyan Designs were installed in the dining room.

We painted and recovered the dining chairs.

Remember this coffee table we built!?  It didn't look so great here but...

Look at it now!

This can be found in the online store as well.  I am so excited with the way it turned out. 

We are currently working on different finish options for these pieces.

The top is mirror with a fine line of gold painted as a border and then a glass on top of the mirror.

I will post again on this living area once the final piece of incredible art arrives.  

Live With What You love - 

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