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Steven, Will and Grace

 Let me introduce you to my cousin and his friend Will.  They live in Brooklyn, NY and they are two of the coolest people I know!

The three of us at the Couchon / Butcher in New Orleans.

 They call me "Grace", which I love.  Ya know, like the tv show "Will and Grace"!? (an all time fav. of mine!!)

Will is currently attending Law School in New York and he blew my mind with his patience the day I took this photo of him (above).  He spent the day humoring me following me through ALL the floors of ABC Carpet and Home then attending a Juvimukti Yoga class with me. See our mats he carried in his back pack all over the city?

Steven is the Regional Director of Sales for a super hip Italian Company called Alessi.  Check them out, they are GREAT!

They are (in my opinion) most famously known for items like these:

Steven loves "house stuff" and good design just as much as I do.

As promised in my earlier post Black Wall Wonders, here is there completed painting project.

The new grey walls!

No, that would not be a flat screen on the wall,  it's a fire place.

I think the color turned out fabulous.

OMG! How could I have forgotten to introduce you to Nola??  Their precious pug!

You guys have seen my outfits... she has a better wardrobe than I do ;-)

On my last visit to NYC, I did some pretty amazing things with these guys.

I got this picture with Jonathan Adler:

It will involve an entire post for me to express my infatuation with this guy!

If you are not familiar with his work, click here ~ Jonathan Adler.  

I can not wait to share with you where we went next....

We also attended a special event that Alessi hosted at Dror Studios.  I had so much fun on this evening that I literally cried with joy. 

The sheer fact that I was in the presence of such a creative personality made me so happy! 

Steven, Dror and I (Grace), at Dror Studios!!


I am sitting in his famous chair! 

Are you living with what you love?

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