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Southern Saturday

I woke up this morning and had an itch to go out and do some hunting and gathering.  So I called my pal Patrick and we set out on a road trip.  Southern Alabama was our destination.

Found this option for an office I am working on.  

Spotted a set of 10 chairs (8 side and 2 with arms) which I think could be a smashing hit at a clients large oval dining table if painted and recovered them. 

I have coveted this petite french curio for months, but I don't need this.  I already own two similar and it's price is too high for resale...

I love this "over the top" mirror and table.  If placed properly, it could be incredibly breath taking!  If placed wrong, it could be a little Elvis meets Mafia!?

In the next town, we see this sign and slam on the breaks!!!!

As I am shooting pics outside of this lovely southern historical home....

I hear him yell "I have found my first purchase!"

And much to our dismay, the 2 seater bike and the carved sideboard topper below are not for sale.

We headed out empty handed.

No worries, we hit the next town and we were amazed to find such spectacular homes in Eutaw, Alabama...

and churches...

and shopping.....

These two "mother of pearl inlay" sewing tables were to die for!!

Was reminded how southerners love their Empire Style furniture.

Pretty plates everywhere.

This is the crown of a 10' Armoire,

it's side rails,

and middle bar of 2 mirror panel doors.

And this is the piece that wouldn't fit in my car, but stole my heart!! 

Have a super Sunday!!

 P.S. Thank you Scott "the magic" Gavin, for keeping my lab Lilly today. 


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