What's In The Basket!?

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 I am so excited to know about this hidden treasure in Marion, MS.

It is LGS Nursery and Greenhouse.

After pulling in the gate you park in this parking lot and enter another dimension of horticultural heaven.

You enter through this pathway flanked by non functioning fountains.  This place is so imperfectly delightful.

You can purchase the handmade pottery by Stacy McInnis-Blalock here.

I had to buy the brown and green one in the front row!!  I think it is rather "peacock looking".

OK ~ here is the answer to "What's in the basket?" from yesterday's post.

These are "loofah's'! Yes, like the ones you may bath with!?  I always thought of them as sponges (sea life).

Sponges are sea life BTW..... but loofah's grow on a vine.  The vine is called a luffa plant.  They are loaded with seeds.  I am sure many of you knew this however I am most grateful to learn something new every day.

This next picture I found on google to show them to you actually growing:

All of the plants, trees and flowers at LGS look super happy to be there.

The succulents at LGS are so awesome.

Their garden is a sure site to see:

Can you see the giant zucchini on the ground in the photo above!?

Mrs. Cathy sent me home with one of these squash which I included in a veggie lasagna and the hot peppers we used to make our own salsa.

This Nursery is also the home of Cathy and Jim Parisi.  They live in the cozy little log cabin below.

Judging from the sign in the front yard, you know they love visitors:

Here is to wishing I had even a "pale green thumb" and being so appreciative to all of you who have "bright green ones"!  

Have a great day!

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