Round Window DIY

Posted on August 05, 2012 by Terie Shields | 1 Comment

My friend and client has saved these Shabby Chic, ready made, velvet curtain panels forever.  She loves this color grey.  We  have pulled them out and tried them everywhere.  They have just never found a home .........  until a round window upstairs was simply letting  in too much light (the wallpaper was starting to have sun damage).  

So we had Patrick cut this giant "Ghost Buster's" looking frame/thing out of wood.  Then we got busy with a staple and glue gun.

We cut off the hems and made them into a giant rosette.

 Now the the light has been defused and the window looks precious!!

This house is loaded with lovely things.  Promise to share more one day.

Have a great Monday!!


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Betty Flanagan
Betty Flanagan

August 06, 2012

That is just gorgeous!!!!! You all are so very creative with wonderful “repurpose” ideas!

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