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Look at these little products I found recently.   I am in love with all of them.......

1.) Where has this extension cord tape, been all my life!!???

2.) Invisible Bookends, how fun!!

3.) Look at this great wooden keepsake idea.  You can convert your own photo into art like this:

4.) This door mat is right up there with "Go Away" and "Nice Underwear":

5.) This is a suspended shower caddy:

6.) If I ever start running again - I am so getting these Nike Pants:

7.) If my kids were still little and I packed their lunch every day,  these Anti-Theft baggies would be a MUST!

8.) This is the most useful iPhone charger ever!!  

 I am usually more caught up with "pretty" things, as opposed to "techy" things.  However,  there is something to be said about "good design" in all areas.  What a bonus, when its fun and functional!!

For more great finds {Click here}

Have a Happy Day!!


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