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Before and After

Do you ever put something in a safe place, then can't find it!? 

 I hide things from myself all the time........it drives me crazy!!  I have somehow misplaced (on my computer - amongst my billions of photos) all of the BEFORE pictures of this home.  

I really want to share the "BEFORE" and "AFTER" pictures because this house was truly taken from dreary ~ to dreamy!!  The home owners did a fabulous job of adding light, life and love to all of the spaces.  

So give me a few more days to look through photos, before I show you more.

 I did find the window "BEFORE" pictures of the Master Bedroom and Bath, that I used to draw on and give to the work room for window treatments to be made.  However, they are not near as interesting as the REAL BEFORE photos. The ones taken before the remolding and painting etc. etc.    -   It will keep me crazy until I find the pictures!!

 Hats off to the talented seamstress that took my sloppy drawings and turned the fabric into something perfectly lovely. 


That awesome desk was once brown and boring.  You guessed it - Scott Gavin.

Comfy LEE chairs to sit by the fire in the winter!

Master Bathroom Before:

The shimmery Barbara Barry Sheer with two Fabricut trims attached (tape and then a glass bead trim) are a simple yet elegant addition to the frosted window.


I am so honored that the painting by "Moi", lives in this luxury bathroom.

Have a wonderful day!

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