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Inhale This!!


I have smoked cigarettes for almost 30 years!!!  Averaging a pack  - a day!!  

 I quit for 9 months - both times I was pregnant, only to have a cigarette the same day each child was born! My kids are in college now. 

 I quite again, a few months back but I was MISERABLE while I quit!  I was not a closet smoker or a drinker smoker - I smoked and I loved it!!  ......or at least I thought I did!?

 I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE PUFF, OF A SINGLE CIGARETTE for an entire 7 days (one full week!!)  

No nicotine what so ever!!  No substitutes at all.

It has been very hard but I am NOT miserable!!

Best part of all, I am convinced that I will NEVER smoke another cigarette as long as I live!!

Here is what changed my life.

1.) I want to go on a trip with my daughter. An extended stay where "Smoking" , will simply not be an option!! We will doing Yoga Teacher Training and that doesn't go well with Smoking!! I want that trip more than I want to smoke!

2.) I read the book The Easy Way by Allen Carr.  A dear friend gave me this book about 2 years ago.  He explained that you smoke the entire time you read the book and when you get to the end - you magically quit!!   I am not sure if I just didn't believe him - that it could be so easy!?  OR - if I just didn't want to quit - so I never read it!!??  Until I decided a few weeks ago that I would read the book in one week.  I read half of the book one Sunday  - and the other half  - the next Sunday. 

  I can't say enough about this book!!  It's wonderful!! It really made me see the truth about Smoking!!  I never imagined that I could find it so easy to quit!!

Smokers are not weak - they are strong (heck, they have taught themselves to inhale poison)!  

One of the best things the book instilled into my brain - there is never "Just One Cigarette" - So I do not ever want to pick one up again!!

3.) I Love the little sign below.  This has been part of my solution as well.  I have allowed my self all other forms of happiness.  Instead of lighting up, in the car - I turn the radio very loud and dance very obnoxiously.  When I want to smoke - I make myself stretch.  I have been really extra kind to myself.  Like, I just didn't want to blog last week or get dressed up for work - so I didn't !!  No one died.  It's all good!!  We should all be nicer to ourselves more often!!

So in conclusion - I am so HAPPY and PROUD to be a NON SMOKER!!!!!

And this will be the only sort of "Inhaling"  - I will be doing from now on!


or better yet, I love how this person put it:

If you smoke - buy that book (even if it goes unread for a while ;-)

Have a good week!

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