The Staff

Michelle Begnaud, Manager

Meet Michelle! The face behind the details that keep our shop in the clear! Michelle handles the financial side of TSI - but, does so much more than just that. Graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1999, we're very lucky to have such an amazing talent with us at TSI. She handles all orders coming in and going out, and greets every customer with a smile as well as a helpful and pleasant attitude.  She is sure to do all that she can to make certain every customer and client of TSI finds exactly what they're looking for in a timely manner. 
Juliet McDonald, Design Associate

Meet Juliet - one of our lovely Design Associates! Juliet is a fabulously talented artist who has made several gorgeous pieces both for our shop AND for commission from our clients. When she isn't hard at work, creating something beautiful, she's working diligently by my side to ensure our clients are getting exactly what they've been dreaming of from our installs in their rooms, homes, or offices. 
Elic Purvis, Marketing Associate 

This is Elic! This guy handles our Facebook, Instagram, our shopify page, and any of our other social pages. He also helps to coordinate advertisements that will give us the best and biggest impact - and, helps us keep our electronics in shape. Elic's specialty is in designing event spaces, events themselves, and any of the coordinations you could need with planning a fabulous event. 
Millie Shields, Official Store Greeter
(and, office love child)

Everyone (especially the FedEx man) comes in the store for the sole purpose of petting Millie, rubbing her belly or getting a few kisses (and sniffs). She is also an avid food "enthusiast", and insists on making sure you know that she smells what you're eating, and WILL get a taste of it. We love our sweet Millie, and you will too! 
(P.S. Please do not tell Millie that she is not why you came into the shop.)